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the Rowley tales mouse
the Rowley Tales mouse

This design is good for blogs and casual sites.  To fill up a sample page, here is one of my Rowley Tales about my great-great-grandpa, copied from an Unknown Newspaper in Ohio, 1934:

Farmer, 80, Builds Playspot for Others, Wins Happiness for Self

WELLINGTON — Charles Wagner, 80-year-old Wellington farmer has won considerable happiness for himself in his declining years in planning for the enjoyment of others.
In the rear of the Wagner farm north of town is a quiet brook, a sparking spring, and a grove of trees. Fourteen years ago the octogenarian conceived the idea of opening this grove for picnics and family reunions. He built a table and a few benches and invited the public in.
They came. Just a few at first, followed by an ever increasing number, until today it is one of the favorite picnic spots in Lorain-co. Many a Sunday this past summer, over 100 have enjoyed the cool quiet of the grove on a single day.
Wagner is there to greet them and to see that everything they need for their comfort is provided for. … There is no admission price into the grove and Wagner apologizes for the obscure little tin box which he has nailed onto a tree. “If any would like to put in a nickel or a dime, it will help me to keep the tables and benches in repair,” he explains.
“Sometimes people ask me why I work so hard for others,” said Wagner. His pleasant face beams with smiles. “I like to see everyone have a good time,” he explains. “Many of the youngsters who come here are children, grandchildren, or even great grand children of my own neighbors and friends, who have long ago passed into the next land.”
… Wagner is assisted by his son, Austin, who has inherited his love for people and good times. The two of them have been ‘baching’ it alone on the old Wagner homestead ever since the death of Mrs. Wagner, several years ago.”

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